The Buttercross Belles

Current Repertoire



Abram Morris Dance

Mr & Mrs Mickey Mouse; Garrick's Delight; The Lodge Road; Fairy Dance

Waterloo Tune

My Love She is but a Lassie yet; Flowers of Edinburgh

Off She Goes; Lillibolero

Gone for a Sailor; The Big Ship

The Hundred Pipers; Muckin' O' Geordies Byre

Mona's Delight

The Quarryman; The Lemonville

Balquihidder Lasses; The Rose Tree

Trip to Knaresborough

The Mallard No. 2; The Saint Lawrence Jig

William Taylor's Table Top Hornpipe

Voulez Vous Danser; John of Paris; The Three Sea Captains

Other (audience participation)


Long Odds

Plymouth Reel

Soldier's Joy

For the Tunes to all the current Repertoire, Click Here

Past Repertoires

  • Annette's Celebration
  • Ashfield
  • Audenshaw
  • Bollin
  • The Buttercross
  • Carr Lodge Polka
  • Coconut Grove
  • Desperate Dan
  • Flaggy Fields
  • Fleetwood
  • The Heyheads
  • Hindley Circle Dance
  • Lively Jig
  • Mona's Delight
  • Mrs Hepples
  • The Rose Garland Dance
  • St Ignatious
  • Stalybridge
  • Waving
  • Whitchurch
  • Wigan

Past Processional's

  • Processional (Carr Lodge Polka)
  • Processional (Fleetwood)
  • Processional (Hindley Street Dance)
  • Processional (Pershore)

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